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A Remarkable Admission

I have always had the utmost respect for the Marines, and even more so when I was Executive Officer of the Naval ROTC Unit at the University of Kansas, that being the closest affiliation I had with them in my … Continue reading

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Pork Chop Hill

It’s the same old story. What justifies war? Was it worth the blood and treasure? What constitutes “winning” a war – how do you define that? When is it really over? Well, it depends on who you ask and when … Continue reading

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Apples and Oranges, Onus Added

There was a nice tribute to outgoing General Petraeus in the Joplin Globe this morning. The editors extended him a well-deserved “atta-boy” as he leaves Afghanistan to assume duties as CIA chief. There’s no question that he is a tough, … Continue reading

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The Arab Street

The Libyan Affair continues to look more and more like an unresolvable morass, and the United States like a sucker for having dipped its military toe into a pool of tar.  The AP reports today that NATO is agreed that … Continue reading

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An Affair To Remember

The Libyan Affair continues to evolve.  I believe it to be an historic precedent in warfare, but whether for good or bad is yet unclear.  But whatever the outcome I am resigned that here in the continuing nuclear age some … Continue reading

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Zooming In On Libya

Since you are reading this on a computer it is likely that you have experienced Google Earth, a marvelous way to zoom in or out on just about any geographic point in the world.  The first time I tried it … Continue reading

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What Would George Say About Egypt?

How should America behave as the Arab world erupts in apparent chaos?  Al Qaeda, a.k.a. Islamic fundamentalism, is our enemy, and countering it and its ideas is the challenge we face. Anson Burlingame, my fellow Joplin blogger, in a recent … Continue reading

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War: What If?

Anson Burlingame, fellow blogger, retired Navy Captain, ex-nuclear-submarine skipper, has proposed an online discussion of the nature of war, with the context being America’s controversial strategy for the Afghan War. As an opening post for a continuing discussion of indeterminate … Continue reading

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